tasty art bus


Day 1


Arrival and meeting at Venice airport.

Private transfer to Verona and special accomodation in Italian Villa in Valpolicella wine aerea close to Verona.

Welcome dinner


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Welcome in our Art Tasty Bus to live our Italy.

Switch off with everything, we’ll take care of you. 

We want to take you in our favourite places, our restaurants, we want you to live our heart places, telling about our traditions, curiosities, our life.

In a small group journey, with a luxury mini bus, with someone of us  always with you.

It will be a joy to share a little piece of my Italy with you        

Serena Cividin 


An extraordinary villa, a unique landscape in the Verona territory, a great example of the italian renaissance architecture. We’ll begin from here

Day 2

A Villa and Amarone tasting

After breakfast transfer to Verona for a guided walking tour of the city. Before dinner, visit of the mansion and its beautiful garden and vineyards followed by a special tasting.

Breakfast & Gourmet Dinner included


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Our trip to Verona starts with a panoramic drive along the river Adige and up the hills overlooking Verona. On the way some of the most beautiful monuments of Verona can be seen: the Roman Bridge, the Roman Theater and the monumental 16th century walls and gates. After leaving the bus the sightseeing itineray of Verona is followed by a relaxing walk through Verona squares and monuments: Piazza delle Erbe (the old Roman center and now Market Square), Piazza dei Signori (the political center in middle age Verona), and finally Piazza Bra with the Arena, the Roman amphitheater. The sightseeing itinery will take us to Juliet’s tomb, where the tragical death of Romeo and Juliet supposedly had its end and final stop at the famous balcony in Juliet’s house. 


Walk in and enjoy the extraordinary panorama from Giusti garden above the city of Juliet and Romeo

Day 3

An Italian Borgo

Departure towards Tuscany, stop for a visit in Brisighella, a little charming medieval village. In the afternoon road to Monteriggioni (Siena) to our resort in the heart of the Chianti wine region.
Breakfast & Brunch & Gourmet Dinner included

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Brisighella is an ancient medieval village in the River Lamone Valley, located on the Apennine Mountains, between Florence and Ravenna. Well-recognised as “The three hills village”, its character is enhanced by three surrounding rocky hills: one with a 14th century Castle, la Rocca,  another with an 18th century church sanctuary, the Monticino,  and a third with a Clock Tower of the 19th century. The Thermal Baths and the quiet surroundings make Brisighella the ideal place to leave behind  every stress and concentrate on a relaxing and peaceful enjoyment. The mood of a long-gone world is created by a sea of greenery, old paths, cobbled streets and ancient houses in an unique picturesque setting. This is an hospitable land, rich in traditions, flavours, architectural and natural beauties.  Brisighella has received few top awards for excellence: “Most beautiful village in Italy”, “Slow City” and the “Orange flagship” from the Italian Touring Club.  All this testifies to its value and quality of life.


Take a walk in the old street of the Borgo of Brisighella, “Via degli Asinelli”, because they were the animals that lived there

Day 4

Chianti Wine and Culture

After breakfast visit of San Gimignano, Radda and Castellina in Chianti for wine tastings accompanied by local products.
Breakfast & Dinner included

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San Gimignano is a busy tourist town, acting as a magnet to daytrippers from all around Tuscany as well as those choosing to stay longer in this attractive little town. There are a handful of museums and galleries, but the town’s main attractions are its architecture and atmosphere. The unique collection of towers and the winding lanes make it a charming destination for those seeking the heart of Tuscany. The “Historic Centre of San Gimignano” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An important town in the Middle Ages due to its position on a trade and pilgrimage route, San Gimignano was full of tall towers built by competitive and quarrelsome Tuscan families. Warring, the Black Death and the aggression of nearby Florence put a halt to the town’s progress, and it remained a memorial to its 11th-13th century prosperity. There were once an incredible 72 towers rising above the town’s rooftops. There are fewer towers nowadays, but the fourteen remaining are still impressive in the misty distance. In the Museo Civico/Pinacoteca you can see various paintings depicting the town in the days when it bristled with warlike skyscrapers. One depiction shows a miniature town in the lap of St. Gimignano himself, who – to judge by the illustrations of his life – seems to have been a very busy patron saint.


Monteriggioni, fascinating and infernal, think that Dante remembers her in the XXXI song of the Hell of  Divine Comedy

Day 5

A Town of Artists

Cinque Terre, visit of Portofino and Pietrasanta, a fascinating land of artists. Arrival in Rapallo or Santa Margherita Ligure dinner and overnight.
Breakfast & Dinner included

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A small village, Portofino, stretches crescent-shaped along the edge of this calm bay. Thus wrote Guy de Maupassant when describing Portofino, tiny sea village on the Italian Riviera circumscribed by the green of the Natural Regional Park and Marine Reserve.
This splendid sea resort with its lux, Mediterranean personality, also boasts an ancient marine culture, and of course is another one of those spots beloved by artists, famous people and writers that have long sung its praises.
The “Piazzetta,” meeting-up point for the international jet-set, is the symbol of Portofino, while the port, with its characteristic, brightly-colored houses, is the icon of this borgo’s maritime traditions, whose inhabitants were called delfini (“dolphins”) by the Greeks and Romans, so apt were they at sea navigation”. The charm of these places, the fine cuisine of the Ligurian Region, and the countless cultural and nature itineraries make this corner of the Gulf of Tigullio an ideal destination any time of year. Nonetheless, tourists most appreciate Portofino during the summer months, when the flora is at its most lush, and the warm seawater transports visitors beyond paradise.


Browse Art Galleries, Marble Workshops at Pietrasana Workshops, Botero and artists who love her so much…

Day 6

The Fabulous Five

Full day discovery by boat to amazing Cinque Terre.

Breakfast & Gourmet Dinner included


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The northern most entrance into the coastal towns of Cinque Terre is a sparkling blue jewel with its beautiful sandy beaches!  Monterosso has been completely isolated for centuries, and it has a history steeped in defending itself from the constant danger of raids by the pirates that terrorized the coastline. Over the years Monterosso and the other 4 cities that make up the Cinque Terre, have been fought over constantly by Genova and Pisa, until finally in 1254 Monterosso can under the domain of the government of Genoa. Positioned in the center of a natural gulf, which is now protected by an artificial reef, Monterosso al Mare is divided into two sections by a tunnel of about 10 meters. The Old and the New. Characterized by the typical tower homes in pastel shades, the town is one of the largest and it was this reason which almost kept it out of  the “Cinque Terre.” It is now considered a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and makes up part of a national park. Having inspired artists and poets from all over, perhaps the most famous is Eugenio Montale, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1975.


All the five cities, I do not know what I prefer, but Riomaggiore also strolls through murals

Day 7

A Maze with a Taste

After breakfast departure to Milan, with a stop in Fontanellato, for the world’s largest maze, made by Franco Maria Ricci.
Afternoon arrival in Milan and accommodation in a special hotel in Navigli district.
Breakfast & Brunch included

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The Masone Labyrinth (Labirinto della Masone) of Franco Maria Ricci in Fontanellato, Italy, is 7 hectares (17 acres), making it the largest labyrinth in the world. Will you ever escape its tunnels of green gloom? The star-shaped Masone Maze is based on a Roman labyrinth style, with right angles divided into quarters and with a single path, however Ricci has cunningly added some extra little traps to turn it into a true maze, like blind alleys and additional junctions along the 3 kilometres (3280 yards) of internal paths. The maze is grown from bamboo, which Ricci fell in love with back in 1980s, and there are more than 20 different species planted throughout the park. It’s a perfect plant for a maze, being quick growing to the maximum pruned height of 5 metres (nearly 17 feet), evergreen, pest and disease free and a great absorber of carbon dioxide. Many of the bamboos featuring in the Masone gardens are from the Bambouseraie d’Anduze in France. There are 120,000 bamboo plants in the maze from a variety of species, including Phyllostachys viridiglaucescens, Phyllostachys pubescens (syn. Phyllostachys edulis), Phyllostachys viridis ‘Sulfurea’, Phyllostachys bissetii, Hibanoubambusa tranquillans ‘Shiroshima’, Pleioblastus viridistriatus and Pleioblastus pumilus. Franco Maria Ricci is known as an Italian art publisher, of the art and design magazine FMR, and also of high quality collector’s editions of books on art, history and design, featuring his favourite Bodoni typeface. He has also published a book on labyrinth design: Labyrinths: The Art of the Maze. The height of the maze and closeness of the paths mean that there is very little sunlight with which to orientate oneself for an easy maze exploration. Many paths are tunnels. Quick exits are rare. At the centre of the maze is a pyramidal chapel, which reflects the close connection throughout history of mazes and religious faith. The Masone Labyrinth complex also includes cultural spaces, Ricci’s art collection and typography and art library, plus bar and two restaurants.


Lose myself in the labyrinth of Masone, think of dreams, the strength to realize them, to Franco Maria Ricci, to the beauty of the place

Day 8

Art & Fashion

After breakfast visit of Milan and Leonardo da Vinci’s Renaissance masterpiece, “The Last Supper”, followed by a visit to San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore church, an unexpected gem in the heart of Milan. Afternoon shopping in Milan.
Breakfast & Gourmet Dinner included

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Milan, Italy’s city of the future, a fast-paced metropolis where creativity is big business, looking good is compulsory and after-work drinks are an art form. While other cities in Italy may be known as the cradle of Rennaissance, the elegant and sophisticated Milan seems to have jumped right into the 21st century and is home to multiple buildings and works of art that reflect everything from 20th century art to art deco. Milan’s history, however, is deeply rooted in multiple civilizations, all of which have left a mark on its development. Like all culturally-rich Italian cities, Milan is filled with museums, art galleries, churches and palazzos. Both inside and out, the extravagant Duomo Gothic cathedral is a wonder to behold, with the largest stained-glass windows in the world. One of Italy’s oldest and most prestigious art schools, the Accademia di Belle Arti houses the city’s impressive collections of Old Masters, including works by the Bellini brothers, Titian, Veronese and even non-Italians such as Goya and Rubens.


Enter and stay open mouth to the beauty of the Church of St. Maurice at Monastero Maggiore, the Sistine Chapel of Milan

Day 9

The Giotto Chapel

After breakfast departure to Venice stopping for a visit at Cappella degli Scrovegni in Padua, one of the masterpieces of Italian art. Arrival in Venice and accommodation in hotel in the heart of the city.
Breakfast & Dinner included

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Padua’s version of the Sistine Chapel, the Cappella degli Scrovegni houses one of Italy’s great Renaissance masterpieces – a striking cycle of Giotto frescoes. Dante, da Vinci and Vasari all honour Giotto as the artist who ended the Dark Ages with these 1303–05 paintings, whose humanistic depiction of biblical figures was especially well suited to the chapel Enrico Scrovegni commissioned in memory of his father (who as a moneylender was denied a Christian burial). It’s a simple brick building, with little indication from the outside of what lies within. It took Giotto two years to finish the frescoes which tell the story of Christ from Annunciation to Ascension. Scrovegni’s chapel once adjoined the family mansion (demolished in 1824) – the city of Padua acquired the chapel in 1881. Giotto’s moving, modern approach helped change how people saw themselves: no longer as lowly vassals, but as vessels for the divine, however flawed. And where before medieval churchgoers had been accustomed to blank stares from saints perched on high thrones, Giotto introduced biblical figures as characters in recognisable settings. Onlookers gossip as middle-aged Anne tenderly kisses Joachim, and Jesus stares down Judas as the traitor puckers up for the fateful kiss. He also used unusual techniques such as building paint up into 3D forms. A 10-minute introductory video provides some helpful insights before you enter the church itself.


Admire Giotto’s paintings in the Scrovegni Chapel

Day 10

Fish and Colours

Simply one of the most beautiful places in the world, Venice. After a walk around its calli, private boat trip to Burano – gorgeous island which preserve the most authentic venetian traditions.
Breakfast & Typical Lunch included

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One of the most beautiful places in the world like a treasure chest of untold riches: The Venetian lagoon. In the heart of this priceless heritage stands Venice, with its canals surmounted by unique bridges and crossed by gondolas, its monuments, churches, squares, ancient buildings, narrow alleys and the water flowing silent at its feet. Everything tells of the artistic and cultural vivacity that marked and still marks the history of this city. The wonderful Piazza San Marco is the heart of Venice, the most elegant drawing room in Europe, surrounded by masterpieces of unquestionable value. A string of small islands then around Venice, their multifaceted charm, where history and art blend with ancient crafts and the beauty of the sea. A fascinating boat trip will take us to Burano and Murano islands who preserve the most authentic traditions of Venice.


The colors always and everywhere and here in Burano are in my magic place. There is no similar place in the world

Day 11

Off the Beaten Path

After breakfast departure to Friuli Venezia Giulia region, a beautiful and yet to be discovered corner of Italy, and renowned wine area.  Visit of Cividale. Wine tasting in one of the most prestigious wine cellars of the area. Accommodation in the heart of Collio.
Breakfast & Typical Dinner included

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Founded by Giulio Cesare under the name of Forum Iulii – where the name Friuli comes from – in 568 BC, Cividale became seat of the first Lombard duchy in Italy and subsequently the residence of the patriarchs of Aquileia for several centuries. The city preserves remarkable Lombard evidence, first of all the Tempietto (small temple), one of the most extraordinary and mysterious early medieval constructions in the western world. Other treasures are preserved at the two town museums: the altarcommissioned by duke Ratchis and the baptistery of patriarch Calixtus can be seen at the precious Christian Museum of the Cathedral, whereas the National Archaeological Museum displays the grave goods of Cividale’s Lombard necropolises. This historic and artistic heritage was recognised by UNESCO in 2011, placing Cividale at the beginning of the Longobard route, an itinerary that allows the discovery of a series of outstanding treasures, even if they are not well known, right from the border with Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Yet even without these treasures Cividale would still be well worth a visit to see its most recent display: CIPS is a centre devoted to marionettes by the Cividale-born Vittorio Podrecca, the greatest Italian artist of marionette theatre.


The little houses in the woods, untouched nature, the noise of the woods and something special to see and inspecting to taste

Day 12

The Secret of a Happy Life

After breakfast departure to Trieste, beautiful and unexpected gem with its magic atmosphere, grandiose architecture, castles and historical cafes. Visit of Miramare Castle, followed by a city tour. Farewell dinner in Michelin-star restaurant La Subida and overnight in hotel.
Breakfast & Gourmet Dinner included

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Trieste is the most international city in the region, suspended between a glorious past of “Little Vienna on the Sea” and the present cosmopolitan city. From the Audace pier to the old Lanterna, there is a succession of sails, antique shop window displays, shops and beautiful buildings: in the distance, one can glimpse the white profile of Miramare, the romantic castle of Maximilian and Charlotte of Hapsburg. A journey of discovery of the city’s history, literature and art, from the Roman era to medieval wonders, to the Habsburg splendour. The wealth of architectural styles in the palaces in Trieste is remarkable: Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Eclecticand Baroque, coexisting in a harmonious blend with Roman remains, eighteenth century buildings and Hapsburg style buildings. Coffee is one of the flagship products of Trieste. A Free Port for the importation of coffee since the eighteenth century, the port of Trieste is the most important in the Mediterranean for the trade of coffee: the beans that arrive here are not only intended for local coffee roasters but also for those all around the world.
But coffee in Trieste is also in rhythm with literature: many and beautiful are the literary cafes, which are historical premises with retro charm, frequented by poets and writers such as James Joyce, Italo Svevo, and Umberto Saba. Taking a coffee break in one of the historical cafes of Trieste is a real ritual that is absolutely not to be missed and whose appeal has spread even through word of mouth. Would you like to know what a gocciato or a taste of a capo in b is? Then you must come to Trieste, because you will only find out here… Trieste is also a mixture of religions: this is evident as soon as you arrive in the city, which, for many centuries, has had (amongst others) a Greek Orthodox Church, a Serbian Orthodox Church, a Synagogue, a Lutheran Evangelical Church and, the oldest of all, a Swiss Evangelical Church. Trieste means love of the sea too: people here love going to the sea, and the beach resorts – or ‘bagni’, in local slang – are frequented all the year round, for sunbathing, swimming or just strolling. At the back of Trieste, the Karst plateau with a natural landscape of great beauty, scattered with typical villages and natural caves.


The desire to seize life, in squares in cafes in theaters. I like it because it’s my town!


Day 13


After breakfast we will head towards Marco Polo Airport (Venice).


I love sharing the beauty of the world and i hope a little piece of my Italy a village, a church, a special dinner, a simple moment with the people will come back home with you


 Price € 4.750 p.p in double room

 min 10 max 16 people

1-13 April 2018

1-13 July 2018

10-22 September 2018

The price includes

  • 12 night in hotel 4-5 stars, villa, relais and farmhouse
  • bed and breakfast basis
  • meals as in program, 1 typical lunch, 2 brunch, 5 gourmet dinner, 5 typical dinner
  • an assistant, we like to say a storyteller, from the first to the last day on the bus
  • de luxe motor coach of 20 seats, group maximum 16
  • all the visits in the program
  • hotel taxes everywhere
  • private guide as in the program
  • assistance 24 hour

Not included

  • travel insurance (highly recommended)

Our Hotels or similar

  • Villa della Torre Allegrini 5*
  • Borgo S. Luigi 4*
  • Excelsior Palace 5*
  • Magnapars Suites 5*
  • Duodo Palace 5*
  • Castello di Spessa 4*

Payment: 30% upon reservation,  balance within 30 days from departure date

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● The transport costs, fuel costs, air fares, fees and taxes (such as landing, boarding or disembarking at ports and airports) are those in force at the time of on-line publication of each travel schedule and always mentioned in the same program. Changes required by the Consumer and the Consumer withdrawal
● Any changes requested by the consumer aJer the confirma.on of the services that are part of the package will be charged to the consumer for € 85.00 per person in addition to paying the Organizer of all additional costs incurred to proceed to variation. The modification of the Consumer renouncer name with that of a substitute cannot be accepted by a third party service provider, and in relation to certain types of them, even if carried out within the time limit referred to in Article. 10, paragraph a) of the General Conditions of Contract of callbacks. The Organizer will not be responsible for any rejection of the amendment by the third party service providers. Such non-acceptance will be promptly notified by the Organizer to interested parties before departure and, if the same consequently entails the withdrawal from the Contract by the Consumer, will be applied the same conditions of withdrawal, as indicated below. At the consumer who withdraws from the contract prior to departure outside of the assumptions listed in paragraph 1, they will be charged – regardless of the payment in art. 7, paragraph 1 – the individual share opening practice cost, the insurance premium and, unless otherwise specified in the individual travel offers and / or under the service confirmation, the penalties set out below, depending on the number of days until the departure date (working days, including that of withdrawal, Saturdays and Sundays non-working) in which is given for the cancellation:

a) 10% of the fee up to 30 days before departure;
b) 25% of the price from 29 to 21 working days before departure;
c) 50% of the price from 20 to 11 working days before departure;
d) 75% of the price from 10 to 3 working days before departure;
e) after this time the penalty will be equal to the entire value of the package.
Please note: the same amounts should be paid by those who could not travel due to lack, incompleteness and / or irregularity of personal and travel documents.
If, however, the organized groups, ad hoc realized trip initiatives, corporate travel, work and not included in “programmed Group travel” and then published on our “Online Catalog” on this site, the percentages relating to cancellation fees may be agreed from time to time the contract is signed; Otherwise – if pejorative – will apply the contractual conditions (advances, balances, terms of bookings and contractual penalties) required by the various service providers including hotels, maritime carriers, terrestrial and airline.
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Policy professional liability Unipol Sai num.1/75910/319/4201582
Authorization Decree 1375
Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia – Central Management Productive Activities 12 July 2004
Insurance coverage for the traveling consumer
● When purchasing a package tour the consumer is required taking out a travel insurance policy covering cancellation penalties package provided to the Consumer art. 10 of the General Conditions of sale of tourist packages, the costs of illness, accident, theft and damage to luggage, repatriation etc.
Regulation (EC) No. 2111/2005 – Art. 11 Information on the identity of the operating air carrier
● The name of the airline which will carry out / the flight / s is indicated in the travel program and the booking confirmation sheet; Any changes will be notified in accordance with applicable standards.

Excursions and optional services purchased at destination
● All of the proposals or ini.a.ves trip organized by Tour Operator Associa.on begin and end at the airport indicated in the travel program and data sheet.
● Any such approach is not made of air carriers is not organized by Tour Operated Associates and therefore out of his responsibility, as excursions and more generally the services purchased on the spot by the consumer in the resort destination of the trip are not expressly included in the Tourist package, are considered, the effects of the responsibility of tour operators Associates, excluded from the contract.