Collio is the heart of Friuli, like a gem, located on the border between Slovenia and Austria, between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. This area enjoys a mild climate, permitting the growing of great vineyards, which are testimonials of the different cultures that live here: Friulian, Slovenian and Austrian. An amazing landscape, which becomes even more beautiful in spring with the colors of the blossoming cherry trees, and in fall during harvest. Here the hills are scattered with small villages with their bell towers. This region is famous all around the world for its premium wines, especially the white one. The inhabitants are quite different from those of the city. They are sincere and concrete, most of the time reserved, and they pay attention to the details in order to do everything at their best. When you will be visiting this area, you should see and taste many things, but if you trust us we can accompany you through a 360 degree travel, in order to taste and experience what this territory offers. A wonderful unspoilt region with a great wine gastronomy.

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