Seborga, a little hidden treasure

Seborga, a little hidden treasure

A principality you won’t believe it actually exists! Seborga is a lovely little village, inland of the Liguria Riviera, with less than 400 inhabitants; it has its own currency – called Luigino -, a national anthem, its Prince and guard. The municipality is so proud of this principality that everywhere in the village you can see waving the national striped blue & white flag.


Seborga is worth of a visit! Just wander around the city center, its narrow streets and the central “piazzetta”with a peaceful and joyful atmosphere, it seems to go back in time. Seborga is easily accessible by car – a road with many hairpin turns –only 20 minutes’ drive from Ventimiglia.

A flaw… the lack of coffee houses or restaurant where tourist can sit and enjoy breath taking location while sipping a good coffee!

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